Analysis of the Aurory (AURY) operating model - Starting the gaming movement on Solana

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The article details the operating model of Aurory, the upcoming hit game on Solana.

Quick summary:

  • Aurory is a popular strategy game on Solana that will be released this May.
  • The game design is quite good and focuses on the “play” factor.
  • The current game has quite a few limitations in capturing value for tokens and may affect the attraction of new players.
Aurory is a strategy role-playing game on Solana. Players will play the role of game characters and explore new lands, apply strategies and skills to win in PvP, PvE, Tournament, ... and win valuable rewards. through the game's Play To Earn mechanism. Aurory is one of Solana's most popular games and will be out in beta this May.

Overview of the game Aurory​

Aurory is a turn-based strategy game where two sides battle each other using Nefties (in-game pets) with the goal of destroying all of the opposing team's Nefties.

Aurory will include 2 main game modes:

1. PvE | Experiencing the Aurory universe

In PvE mode, players will join the journey of Sam and Helios (name in the game) and explore the lands in the Aurory universe. There will be many quests to complete and require the player to summon Nefties to battle enemy monsters.

2. PvP | Challenge the player's skill

In PvP mode, players need to create a team of three Nefties and fight each other to increase their rank on the Aurory leaderboard. The best players will receive extremely valuable and exclusive rewards only in this PvP mode.

For players who are confident in their skills, they can use a golden ticket (game item) to participate in the Aurory World Championship. This tournament represents the highest level of PvP competition and the rewards for the undoubted winner will be huge.

Besides, there will be dugeons appearing every week for players to explore, depending on the difficulty of each dugeon, the rewards players will receive will be different.

Overview of the elements in the Aurory . model​

There are 5 main components that affect the operation of Aurory including:

  • Aurorians & Tacticians.
  • Eggs & Nefties.
  • In-game Items (in-game items).
  • Land (land in the game).
  • Token $AURY.

Aurorians & Tacticians

Aurorians are a collection of 10,000 NFTs representing the player character in the game Aurory and can be purchased at the NFT marketplaces on Solana or for $AURY on the Aurory Marketplace. Users may not need to own Aurorians to play the game, but that will affect the rewards they receive later. (Details will be provided below).

The benefits that Aurorian holders receive include:

  • As an account avatar: Aurorians will be displayed as avatars in the game, which is also proof of having supported the project from the beginning.
  • Early Access : Aurorians holders will have access to new game modes prior to their release to the community.
  • Boost rewards : The rewards received will be greater than those of Free-to-Play players.
  • Land sale priority : Priority to buy land in the future.
  • DAOry Management : This is a DAOwhere Aurorian holders take full control, this DAO will be subsidized by Aurory. The number of subsidized funds includes:
    • 1,000 SOL.
    • 1.75% royalties fees from NFT marketplaces.
    • 5% of total token supply (Vesting).
    • An amount of fees from the in-game marketplace (Will update in the future).
DAO wallet address see here .

Tacticians are a character representing the player's tactics, Tacticians will decide the initial position of the Nefties as well as will have different passive abilities.

Eggs & Nefties

Nefties are summoned beasts hatched from Nefties Eggs required to enter the game, in both PvE and PvP modes will require a certain amount of Nefties to start. Players can collect Nefties during gameplay.

  • In PvE mode, players can find eggs and hatch them with $AURY tokens, players can also get Nefties from special events or buy directly from the marketplace.
  • In PvP mode, Nefty eggs can be obtained through winning matches.
Each Nefties will have different rarity, parameters, skills and strengths and weaknesses, this requires players to be creative, understand the game as well as have a strategy to be able to combine the right Nefties team to defeat. competitor. Aurory is good in that there is no strongest team but only the most suitable team, literally a "win or lose at skill" game.

In-game Items (in-game items)

There will be many items with different rarity that can be found and used throughout the game.

Some examples include items that players can equip to power up their Nefties or power stones that are disposable items in the game. Players can create different ways to use items to create the most suitable team for battles.

Land (land in the game)

Land in Aurory is the land that helps summon dungeons, the rarer the land, the more difficult it is to summon dungeons.

Dungeons will randomly appear on the map so players can enter with a few pieces of land that have a higher hit rate than others. Players will have to pay a $AURY fee to enter the dungeon and there will be a percentage of the commission given to the landowner, the more difficult the dungeon the higher the fee and the bigger the reward. Players can buy land through marketplaces (currently Land has not been released).

Token $AURY

As you can see, $AURY plays an important role and is an integral part of the $AURY game process.

Summarizing the use cases of $AURY in detail at the present time, we will have:

  • Managing the development direction of the game Aurory.
  • Use to buy items in the Aurora marketplace.
  • Use to make in-game currency (join dugeon, hatch eggs, participate in PvP).
  • Use as in-game rewards (staking, reward).

In-game activities​

There are currently 3 main activities on Aurory:

  • Battle (Battle).
  • Upgrade (Upgrade).
  • Commodity trading (Marketplace).


Fighting is one of the most attractive game forms, in Aurory there are 4 forms of combat:

  • PvE: Players battle in a storyline with increasing levels.
  • PvP: Players fight each other.
  • Tournament: A tournament format to choose the champion, sponsored by Aurory.
  • Dungeon: A form of exploring dungeons to earn rewards.
Fighting is the main activity in Aurory, through the form of combat, the user will receive rewards. Aurory has many different game modes and many quests to explore, thereby encouraging players to play the game continuously to receive more rewards. Players will receive rewards as in-game tokens that can be exchanged for $AURY (details will be presented later).

To increase the probability of winning, users will need to hatch or buy many Nefties as well as power stones to create the right combinations. Besides, players can also upgrade their Nefties to create certain advantages in the game.

This form of combat has created a dominant economic loop in Aurory:

Buy or hatch Nefties → Play games → Earn coins → Buy more and upgrade Nefties → Play games → Earn more coins → …

The dominant economic loop in Aurory

Upgrade (Upgrade)

Upgrading is a form of increasing the power of Nefties as well as creating rarer items. Players who have a certain amount of Nefites or items can enter the laboratory to "squeeze" and create better Nefties or items.Depending on what you squeeze, the success rate will be different, Nefties and items will disappear if it fails.

Currently the game has not been released, so it is not clear what requirements will be required to upgrade Nefties as well as in-game items. I will update you guys when there is information from the project.

Commodity Trading (Marketplace)

It would be remiss not to mention the commodity trading activity (Marketplace) on Aurory.

In its most basic form, Aurory's economy can be summed up in players participating in game modes → receiving rewards → Using those rewards to buy items at Aurory Marketplace → part of the fee from delivery Translations will be returned to the Treasury and used as rewards for subsequent quests.

How Marketplace works in Aurory

Economy in the game Aurory​

Players can choose to participate with only a small amount of capital but can still experience the game's features or can choose to become an "Invested player" to receive more rewards and enjoy the full experience. Full features of Aurora.

*Invested players are players who have invested in the game Aurory, the components of which are classified as invested players include: Aurorian holders, $AURY staker and those who own a Nefties pet team.

The token system helps to balance F2P players and Invested players

To balance between players who just want to play for passion and players who want to earn from Aurory as well as those who intend to invest, Aurory has a special token system consisting of a main token with a fixed total supply ($AURY) and two in-game tokens ($TOKE and $OKA). Accordingly, $TOKE and $OKA will be an inflationary asset for the purpose of rewarding players and in-game currency, while $AURY will be a governance token with special privileges.

$TOKE and $OKA will be in-game only and will be converted to $AURY each weekend. In other words, although there are 3 tokens, the ultimate essence of the game is all about $AURY.

  • $OKA is a reward used to reward investment players for winning in PvE and PvP modes and is taken from the investment players reward pool. Besides $OKA invested players will also receive other rewards that help them fully experience the features of Aurory.
  • $TOKE is a reward used to reward F2P players for winning in PvE mode only and is taken from the reward pool for F2P players.

The system helps to balance supply and demand for NFT

Anyone participating in Aurory will need Nefties as well as power stones, which are inflationary assets to meet the increasing demand as the game grows more and more players.

With Nefty Eggs, the item needed to hatch Nefties, at the moment there is only one type of egg and the total supply can be viewed here. But this amount will change daily with the eggs being used as rewards for staking NFT and more eggs of different types will be released in the future.

To balance this, Aurory will have a burning mechanism that will reduce the supply of these NFTs.

Accordingly, the burning mechanism for Nefties includes:

  • Coaching: Sacrificing a Nefty to adjust the skills of Nefties of the same species.
  • Heroic Dungeons: Nefties used in Dungeons of Heroic difficulty are permanently lost upon death.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments will have a "deathmatch", Nefties that die in this mode will be lost forever.
  • Laboratory: Burn Nefties to create rare items in the laboratory.
  • Nefies Egg will be lost when hatching Nefties, the number of eggs will be adjusted to suit market needs.
Power Stones burning mechanism:

  • Lost when used in battle.
  • Burn power stones to create rare items in the laboratory.

How does Aurora capture value?​

Aurory's revenue​

We will first look at the revenue of Axie Infinity first and then look at the revenue captured for the $AURY token and NFT. Below is the $AURY flow shared in the project whitepaper.

Learn more: Axie Infinity (AXS) Performance Model Analysis

Aurory capture value can be seen by calculating fees for in-game activities. Hatching eggs, summoning Tacticians, participating in Dungeons and fees from the marketplace will all require $AURY.

How Aurory captures value for AURY token​

Revenue from Aurory will be used to reward players and users who stake $AURY. The percentage has not been announced by the team, I will update you when there is information from the project, there will be no incentive $AURY for stakers but all rewards will come from % of marketplace transaction fees. $AURY will have an administrative use case but will only happen when the game has been running for a while and has accumulated enough users.

To summarize, most of the value of $AURY currently comes from only a fraction of Aurory's revenue.

How Aurory captures value for NFT​

Besides $AURY token, NFT is also a notable asset class, there are currently 4 main types of NFTs in Aurory including:

  • Aurorians.
  • Nefties.
  • Land.
  • Items.
1. Aurorians

Aurorians, in addition to being used as player avatars, will also be boosted in-game rewards and administer DAOry.

Regarding the boosted rewards, besides the $OKA token, Aurorians will also receive other rewards including Nefties eggs, power stone, items. About DAOry besides the initial funding, DAOry will also have an amount of $AURY tokens that will be unlocked gradually over time and share a part of the transaction fee from the marketplace (the rate will be shared in the future).

2. Nefties

Nefties is an inflationary asset in the game, owning a Nefties team also allows players to become invested players and get boosted in-game rewards similar to owning Aurorian.

3. Land

Owning the land does not help the player become an invested player, but will help the owner to have additional income from the user paying fees to participate in the dungeon appearing on the land.

4. Items

Items are items used in the game to increase the player's ability to win. Keeping these items does not increase player profits directly.

Aurory's Flywheel​

Aurory's planned Flywheel will go like this:

(1) Aurory will incentivize users to play games with $AURY tokens.

(2) Users who receive $AURY will engage in more gaming.

(3) These games will create 2 things:

  • Buy Demand for $AURY, Aurorian, Land.
  • Real revenue.
(4) Buy Demand will increase the price of $AURY, thereby increasing the reward → Attracting more players.

(5) Revenue will be rotated and divided among $AURY staker, Aurorian holders and Aurory player rewards.

Ways to make a profit on Aurory​

It can be seen that the Aurory game ecosystem has a lot of activities, so there are also many ways to make money on Aurory, here are some typical ways:

  • Participate in the game modes of Aurory: PvE, PvP, Dungeon and higher tournament, players can participate in many different modes. The winner will have more chances to make a profit from Aurory.
  • Own the land of Aurory: One way to earn passive income from Aurory is to buy land and earn commissions from players participating in dungeons appearing on their land. This amount will increase as more and more players join Aurory.
  • Speculating Nefties and Aurory items: There will be a lot of items on the Aurory marketplace, if you are a good player and know how to evaluate items, you can wait to buy delicious items at low prices and sell them. back at a high price.
  • Invest in $AURY: $AURY is the main token that attracts the value of Aurory, Aurory's tokenomics allows to capture value and increase demand for this token so if Aurory grows, then $AURY will also increase in price.
  • Investing in Aurorian NFTs: Aurorian is an asset tied to the growth of Aurory. If you want to experience more deeply with Aurory and want to make a profit from playing games, you can consider investment opportunities.
Above are the ways to make expected profit from Aurory. Note that the game is not out yet and we have yet to determine the supply and demand of game items. Therefore, I think we should wait for the game to come out so that we can make more accurate assessments of the game's profit potential.

The future of Aurory, a potential game on Solana?​

Starting the gaming movement on Solana?​

At a time when DeFi is facing many problems and shows no signs of growing back, Solana needs a new focus to attract users and NFT gaming can be a factor to help attract new users.

Aurory is one of the top titles on Solana with its backer, game quality and strong community coming this May. If Aurory's gameplay is really interesting and attracts players, it is likely that Aurory will be the trigger for the gaming wave on Solana with many mainnet preparation projects. This will also be a test to see if Solana qualifies as an infrastructure for gaming projects especially after recent incidents of network shutdowns.

Release schedule of game projects on Solana - Source: Solanians

Risks when investing in Aurory game now​

Currently investing in Aurory game will be high risk, as the current game has not been released and we are not sure if the game will run stably or not. Besides, the current market is quite bad and not a good time for projects to grow up to their potential.

With Aurory, because it is so new, the game modes are still too few and there are not many ways to bring value to the assets in the game. The fact that $AURY does not currently have many ways to capture values will be a hindrance to attracting new users. Therefore, the gameplay of Aurory will need to be really different and unique to attract real players.


The above is an overview of the operation model of the Aurory project, what do you think about this project? Or is there a Protocol or project that you would like to learn about? Please leave your comments in the comment section below and join the Coin98 Insights Chat group to exchange and discuss with admins and many other brothers!

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