BitoPro Scam - You Should Be Aware

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BitoPro is well-known as the most popular crypto exchange service in Taiwan. It has a vision to provide the most secure and stable cryptocurrency transactions by investing heavily in security resources. Can this platform prove they are secure as what they have said or just a scam? Let's find out now.

BitoPro is established with aims to solve long-standing problems in the financial services industry. BitoPro was launched in 2017 by BitoEX, which has 80% of Taiwan's market and 250,000 members. BitoPro launched a stable, lucrative, legal, and low-risk platform for debt purchase to offer users more diverse wealth management products. BitoPro supports demand from virtual currency lending and borrowing.

Is it safe to trade with BitoPro?

The firm has complied with industry best practices for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies. Furthermore, they ensure that investor’s funds are kept in safe hands with the necessary infrastructure including

Web Wallet​

BitoPro offers the safest web-based exchange out there that does not give private keys to users.

SSL Qualys labs A Class Certification​

SSL certificate is regarded as a global standard security technology that facilitates the exchange of communication between a web browser and a web server, SSL labs offer tools that protect your sensitive information. BitoPro deploys several documents, thoughts, and tools that are similar to SSL functionality.

The BitoPro Exchange platform ensures that your web-based activities are conducted with supportive safety measures and concerns. This means that for investors and users, your sensitive information such as usernames and passwords are secure on the BitoPro Exchange.

Offline Encrypted Servers​

BitoPro stores messages from clients using offline encryption systems by storing the ciphertext or exchanging it with another user on the internet.

HIL Safe Transaction System​

BitoPro Exchange ensures the safety of your account by asking for verification after you log into your account, withdraw, and change your password. On the platform, there are two authentication methods, which are SMS authentication and OTP authentication.

Automatic Anti-Cracker among others​

Investors and traders will generally use passwords to authenticate their accounts. Because the logic behind passwords is highly expedient and practical, its relative ease also introduces certain vulnerabilities that password crackers use to steal unsolicited information, gain access to users’ accounts, and cause a data breach.

The BitoPro Exchange prevents the passwords of users from being compromised with its password combination that thwarts the attack of password crackers.

These several elements above could prove the legitness of BitoPro. Thus, we have never seen information that BitoPro is hacked and users having problems with their safety while trading with BitoPro. However we also need to look at some feedback or reviews about BitoPro to confirm it is legit or scam!

Feedback about BitoPro

The exchange has very poor score on Tradeunion website. There are some disadvantages of BitoPro that makes users unsatisfied while using:​
  • The exchange didn’t add modifications and did not integrate third-party services to minimize the entry threshold or to ensure the interest and comfortable work of novice traders.​
  • Threshold is already low.​
  • Cannot deposit directly from a card.​

Also having few negative comments accused the firm is scam, for example

Do you stand for “BitoPro is a scam" or “ BitoPro is legit"? We still can’t confirm yet that we need more information to prove our answer. Please provide us some info you have known about BitoPro which we haven’t mentioned in this review yet. Thank you!
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