Efforce (WOZX) Scam Or Legit

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Efforce has three founders, one of them being Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Since the start in 1976 and continuing success of Apple, Wozniak never started a new business, until now.

Jacopo Visetti and Jacopo Vanetti join Wozniak in this undertaking. Visetti is a former Harvard student with extensive experience within the environment and energy markets. Vanetti is an experienced developer having had multiple CTO during the past few years.

What is WOZX?​

Efforce seeks to increase the energy efficiency of various industries by making it possible for companies to crowdfund their energy redevelopment projects using cryptocurrency (e.g. install solar panels). Contributors who fund these initiatives will in turn receive a portion of the energy savings of the company.

By minting your NFT or multiple NFTs you help fund energy efficiency projects. Using Polygon chain secures low transaction fees while keeping secondary markets such as OpenSea available whenever you want to sell your token on secondary markets.

WOZX is our utility token allowing you to access contributions to energy efficiency projects. By holding WOZX tokens you can take part in the governance of the Efforce platform as well. Make your proposals or vote for those made by others.

WOZX is multichain, currently on Ethereum and Polygon.

Is WOZX safe?​

  • A lot of investors are ‘flocking’ to invest
  • It is now listed on Coinbase
  • They are fully decentralized
  • The coin is still under development
  • Multiple issues with its synchronizations between ledgers

Using blockchain in the energy markets is not a new idea. Projects like Power Ledger and WePower have been around for some time; albeit that the platforms are quite different. Furthermore, there is the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) which recently launched their own blockchain for more efficient energy use. The EWF already has 100 backers, including Shell, Total, GE and Siemens. But again, the approach is very different in comparison to that of Efforce.

It is somewhat disappointing that Efforce seems to be a platform that will be off-limits to the average person. The only potential gain for regular folks comes from the price action of the WOZX token whose supply is heavily concentrated in the hands of the sorts of investors that are allowed to use Efforce in the first place.

Efforce is not very transparent. Never mind the opaqueness of their whitepaper, Efforce also has no Github and does not appear to have the open-source ethos found in most crypto projects.

The lack of information could simply be because Efforce is very much in its infancy. However, it is more likely a consequence of the fact that they are marketing to an exclusive type of consumer. On a positive note, the project might unlock a new marketplace for the cryptocurrency space, one that is currently out of reach for the average person: energy credits via the WOZX token.

What do you think about WOZX ? Do you agree that it is scam or legit? Let us know in the comment box below.

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