I make money in crypto even though I don't know how to see charts, analyze projects

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Bforum play to earn

This is not the type of making money quickly by speculating tokens waiting to increase in price to sell, and I also don't think crypto is just a place to make money like that. I work-to-earn: slow but steady and live in all the fluctuations of this field.

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Find “roles” in crypto​

Around the beginning of 2021, crypto suddenly became a craze when family members talked about it with airdrops of up to tens of thousands of dollars. This time was also the first time I read about the blockchain consensus mechanism, the benefits of the world of decentralized finance and went to Coinecko to see the token price.

And the land of crypto fascinates me with its strangeness. But my interest is limited to learning, because the elements necessary to be able to make money in crypto are lacking: I am blind to both technology and finance. As a socialite, I don't know how to look at charts or analyze tokenomics .

There are airdrops up to tens of thousands of USD
I still monitor the market but stay out of all the joys of winning money and the sadness of burning the accounts of the players. I feel unfair that this crypto world is only for technical and financial minds. I see myself as a spectator watching a thrilling movie in which I yearn to have a role, no matter how small.

Then the “casting invitation” came in the form of a job announcement: a crypto company looking for digital marketing staff. If I can't go straight, I'll take a detour. That's how I applied and started my crypto journey.

Having worked in many other fields, I was completely shocked when I stepped into this new world: crypto is a horribly toxic place - the community is toxic and the builders are just as toxic.

Walking around crypto forums and groups, especially in the downtrend season, the air is full of the smell of swords. And some project owners - who are called builder - turn out to be "destroyer" when creating "ghost projects" for user money.

Luck does not come twice​

Seeing such a confusing world, I told myself to stay away from the pump-dump token game in crypto, but living and breathing the air here, how to avoid the feeling of FOMO .

Once, a colleague gave me a bet: “ I bought this A, wait for it to pump and then discharge. Be quick ." This guy has been involved in crypto for a long time, and has been closely following this A since it came out, so I believe.

This is later when I "justify" my actions, but at the time I couldn't think of anything. My body seemed to have a fever because I was afraid of "missing the boat" and missing the fragrant deal. I put down the money immediately, but for the first time FOMO, I was a bit shy, only down a little money. On that day, child A built a real green column, and I x2 accounts in just a few hours. I was dumbfounded: " Crypto is so easy to eat ."

Next time, a close friend gave me a B with a nice entry price, around 0.0x USD. My friend is famous for his 80% win rate, but I've never listened to it before because I still don't take this style of play seriously. But the last time I made a bet, I believed in the probability of my friend's winning (even though I was still ignorant at math), so this time I did not hesitate to spend a large amount of money. I figured that just a little increase in the token would make me a lot of money.

But luck doesn't come twice. Since buying B, it hasn't increased in price even once. Not once. It kept decreasing steadily until the time my account split by 2. I thought about cutting my loss but seeing half of my capital had evaporated, I was not committed and still clung to the hope that it would re-enter the entry to “come back to shore.” ". The other side turned out to be another bottom, and this B fell right into my friend's 20% chance of losing. Haizz.

Photo: Trading View
At first, I meant to blame my friend, for putting a lot of faith and of course - money - in his opinion. But come to think of it, there's no one to blame but myself. Because I really don't know how B, A and the other side of the head, do I know anything about fundamental analysis or technical analysis ? Eating is due to luck, losing is due to bad luck (and lack of understanding). Who would complain about luck?

Innocence holds me back with crypto​

Putting that game of chance aside, in the meantime I'm still working for a crypto company. Fortunately, the more I delved into it, the more my passion for knowledge resurfaced.

Working for a foreign company, I read most of the information in English, but I still visit Coin98 Insights to see analysis/commentations on new applications in this industry. I especially like topics about:

  • DAO : With the promise of a decentralized social network - where the decision is in the hands of a collective, not a "final boss" like Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook.
  • NFT : Despite being called "worthless" by many people, I still love the idea that NFT helps creative artists make money more fairly with their art.
  • Famous figures in the world: Like Sam Bankman-Fried with the desire to give away all his assets, Vitalik Buterin with the dream of building a decentralized world and using crypto for good purposes such as donating to life war Ukraine against Russian aggression… They are all young but talented and enthusiastic.

Learning about these builders and the products they build made me realize that crypto isn't exactly a place of speculation. There are real people, doing real work to create real value.

Of course, up to this point, the applications of blockchain technology have not had any real success. They are just stopping at beautiful stories, dreams, visions, plans...

But I believe that at some point, dedicated builders will bring blockchain and crypto to where it's headed, and do what it was born to do. You may think I am naive, but it is that naivety that has kept me in a place with so much calculation and greed like crypto.

Crypto: The Door to All​

Eventually, I realized that for someone like me who didn't know/didn't learn to look at charts or analyze projects, it was impossible to make the right investment decisions. I am back to my passion with the “work-to-earn” path in crypto, although not making big money, fast money but it is sure and worth the effort I put in.

I used to think crypto was a narrow door only for those who knew about economics and finance, but now that view has changed. I think if you are not quick minded and reckless to margin, long/short; If you are not passionate about finance and willing to study technical and financial development to make a profit, you can still work in marketing, or as a programmer, as a legal consultant, etc., even as a desk job. for a crypto company.

I myself, after accumulating a lot of knowledge and working experience in this field, have been invited by many other parties to work with a salary much higher than the job in traditional industries.

For me, crypto is still a new land promising exciting opportunities, so working in this industry is a good way to “water” yourself all the time during its latest events, thereby reaping many benefits. than to make good decisions.

As New York Times journalist Kevin Roose said, crypto is a place where people are putting a lot of energy and attention into it, so it's only in your interest to learn about it.

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