Is BinaryX and BNX scam?

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BinaryX is known as the project behind CyberDragon, a play-to-win game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Is it safe to invest or scam? This review will help you to learn more about BinaryX and its token BNX.

What is BinaryX and BNX?​

The BinaryX platform is currently working on the development of its metaverse game known as CyberDragon. The game features a classic MMORPG system with a collection of DeFi properties.

According to the team at BinaryX, the platform aims to attract more players by providing a game that has low entry barriers, uses simple vocabulary and provides different game scenarios that allow your game to gain ownership.

Players on the platform can create characters who can level up by consuming gold, the game's native currency - BNX.

Who is the founder of BinaryX (BNX) and its team?​

In fact, the developers of the binary platform are also anonymous. During an interview with Binance, the founders revealed that they were a team of tech professionals with years of experience in various fields. However, it could be considered a red flag for scammers.

Is BinaryX (BNX) secured?​

The BNX token was developed as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network. The token was audited by Certik and, upon completion of the audit, received a maximum security score of 83. During an interview with Binance, the team behind the binary network announced that they specifically chose to remain on the Binance Smart Chain due to its speed, low cost and generally higher bandwidth, all considered indispensable for an MMORPG game.

The BSC network is protected by a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. The system elects 21 validators every 24 hours with the sole responsibility of validating transactions and maintaining blockchain security. These validators are required to stake a specific amount of BNB tokens with the Binance network to be eligible for the position.

BinaryX feedbacks​

BinaryX has received an average score on Revain which is 3.8/5. Most users show their satisfaction about BNX because it provides a free and encoded wallet where we can store and move our cryptographic types of cash and fiat financial principles. Thus we have found there are no scam accusations against BinaryX on any review platforms.

“ Is BinaryX scam or legit? “ We can't confirm yet because there is very few negative information about BinaryX that we can find on the Internet. If you have one, please refer to us by leaving it in the comment box below.

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