Is Cryptology A Scam? Be Aware Before Investing

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Recently, many individuals have become interested in the cryptocurrency market which offers investors incredible financial opportunities. However there are also some “scammers” who try to trick and steal other’s money by developing fake cryptocurrency platforms.

Therefore, researching deeply before investing is extremely necessary to prevent losses. Cryptology is one of the leading exchanges in the market and is well known among investors that we also need to discuss today. “Is It A Scammer?” Let’s find out now!

Here are some short briefs about Cryptology that you should get knowledge of before getting through the investigation.

Cryptology is a decentralized exchange established in Singapore in January 2018. The platform takes pride in itself in offering transparent, safe, and professional crypto trading services to its clients. It also allows their users to trade in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
At note, the project is restricted in Japan and USA because it is an offshore trading platform. Thus the exchange is usually listed among top 100 crypto exchanges globally.

Individuals choose to trade with Cryptology will be offered following advantages:​
  • High level of protection against hacking, DDoS attacks, and other types of fraudulent activities;​
  • Receive “Deposit” product, which offers an interest rate on coins without a PoS algorithm. For example, the USDT stablecoin rate is 13-15% per annum;​
  • Futures trading with leverage up to 1:100;​
  • Visually convenient and functional trading platform;​
  • Algorithmic futures trading is available. The platform has a built-in bot that opens transactions using a grid strategy.​

Surprisingly, Cryptology is highly rated in most cryptocurrency review websites. It got 4.2 out of 5 points and took over 80% of positive comments on a website called “”.
The most important things that lead to members being satisfied are the exchange often offered favorable rates, technical support 24/7, low commission and it works quickly without delaying.

Besides, it also gets fairly high rates on websites such as “” , “” and “”.

The exchange also got a high score about 4.5 out of 5 on the Trustpilot website. However, the website has noted they detected there some fake reviews on the Cryptology profile then they have deleted all of that misuse.

It can be considered as a Cryptology team trying to perform “seeding" to do marketing or blow up advertising reviews to gain people's trust. In regards to this matter, we wonder if reviews on the three above websites would also be fake or not?!!!

Otherwise, there is a plus for Cryptology that we cannot find any information that their platform has been hacked ever.

However, the exchange still has few negative comments claiming it is a scam.

“Is Cryptology A Scam?” It is hard to answer right now because the project got many positive scores on the review websites and received many recommendations from crypto users though we also have found some negative ones but actually these comments still cannot prove the exchange is a scam because there is no evidence of losses having been shown. We would like to hear your thoughts about it! Please tell us by leaving your comment in the box below. Thank you!


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