Is DigiFinex A Scam? Is DigiFinex a broker safe or a scam?

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Recently, heat wrangling between crypto community members in coin forums and review websites about DigiFinex is scam or legit. Though DigiFinex team has come to every topic to explain and guarantee that they are safe and can be trusted, the arguments still happen and seems won’t be stopped in nearly future. This thread will show you about DigiFinex overall and what people are discussing these days.

1. Overview about DigiFinex

DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange which has over 200 altcoin and the average daily trading volume reaches nearly 2 billion dollars.

The exchange focuses on attracting Asian customers who come from countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam.

DigiFinex is also a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Australia and holds exemption from provision of digital payment token services in Singapore by the regulatory body, MAS.

There are some key features of DigiFinex offering customers advantages if they choose to trade with this exchange platform such as
  • Buy crypto quicky with debit/credit cards​
  • Supports popular cryptocurrencies and the popular DeFi trading pairs. Real-time market data and charting to trade popular altcoins​
  • Several trading options, including spot trading, margin trading and ETFs​
  • Crypto app to monitor and track a crypto portfolio and trade from anywhere​
  • Detail-oriented charts and trading layout​

  • Crypto Quant Fund, Crypto Loan and Flexi-earn to earn interest on crypto​
  • Basic and Pro trading platform that will suit both beginners and experienced traders​
  • Exclusive DigiFinex launchpad for early opportunities​
  • 24/7 Live Chat support with an up-to-date blog​
  • Referral and affiliate program to reward users that bring in new traders to the platform​

2. Is DigiFinex a broker safe or a scam?

Recently, there are opinion divides between DigiFinex is a safe project or not. According to the website “”, positive opinions took over 80% of total review. Most of people there highly recommend crypto users to trade on DigiFinex by some of the reasons such as:​
  • DigiFinex is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and also reports to Australian regulators from AUSTRAC. This increases confidence in the project, as both Singapore and Australia are known for strict laws in the financial industry.​
  • The DFT native currency of DigiFinex is a standard ERC-20 which is planned with a similar usefulness as the BNB coin in a Binance trade.​
  • The DigiFinex is safe and secure by has earned good reputation for providing safe, secure and convenient investment platform where traders can trade multiple coin and enjoy high liquidity.​
  • DigiFinex has enjoyed very high market capitalization that has continued to rise above others even inside covid 19.​
  • All assets are held in offline cold wallet and multilayer hot wallet to enhance security. Until now there is no report that DigiFinex is ever hacked.​
  • Daily trading volumes steadily exceed a billion dollars, which also indicates the trust of customers. Official volume reports are confirmed by the statistics of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap portals.​

However, some reviewer guarantees DigiFinex is a scam project that people should not invest in order to prevent from money losses. A member named Amit K. saying that DigiFinex provides lists of fake cryptocurrencies in their exchange.

He lost $950 in wallet and was even blocked by customer support on DigiFinex website and telegram group as well. He had shown evidence as a screenshot of his wallet below.

Another reviewer called Simon Müller also mentioned he had a problem when trading on DigiFinex exchange. He said even though DigiFinex commit their exchange offers various tokens however when Simon tried to buy a coin with very small cap, the order is denied.

Though he tried to set a price HIGHLY above the market price, the order didn’t get fulfilled. Digifinex claims that they automatically match the seller to the buyer. So this sell orders should be automatically matched but it was not.

Instead the sell order price just increased. When he delisted his high buy order the sell orders automatically switched back to a more normal price. He supposed that a computer program generates those listings automatically to make it look like that something happens on this crypto exchange.

Furthermore, DigiFinex project gets very low rating on Trustpilot website about 2.7 out of 5 star. There are 51% rating projects that are bad. Most of them saying the project is scam and some reasons are shown such as​
  • Deposits never arrived, even providing the correct address.​
  • They have a lot of order books with depth liquidity, but when you try to sell or buy the liquidity just vanishes and you aren't executed.​
So that’s all rumors about DigiFinex and we still can’t answer the question “ Is DigiFinex scam?” because it depends on each individual opinion. What do you think about it? Do you stand for positive or negative comments about this exchange? Leave your comment below then we can start to discuss now!

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