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I. About

Founded in 2013, has strived to provide its users with the best trading experience in the last 8 years. In terms of trading volume, is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world listing crypto assets that are great in quality and have a high rate of return. aims to create a powerful blockchain ecosystem for its users. With the help of's public blockchain 'GateChain', we are creating innovative products and services that are catering to the needs of all users.

Here are some of the features provides:​
  • Crypto data. Market information, including a fear and panic index that shows market sentiment and levels of optimism.​
  • Crypto trading. offers spot trading, peer-to-peer trading, as well as advanced trading tools. Non-U.S. users can also access leveraged tokens and margin trading.​
  • Interest earning. Earn interest by adding liquidity, loaning out your crypto, and other products. These pay higher APYs than a traditional savings account, but carry higher risks too.​
  • NFT trading. provides an NFT marketplace where users can create and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital certificates of ownership for various items such as art, sports collectibles, music, and in-game assets.​

II. - Advantages and Disadvantages

Every cryptocurrency exchange has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some aspects of that stand out.​

1. Pros

Wide range of cryptos trades over 1,300 cryptocurrencies. This includes almost all the top 20 cryptos by market cap, along with many less common coins that are hard to find.

Its list is magnitudes bigger than many other cryptocurrency exchanges, and is a big reason experienced investors choose the exchange.
Accepts around 50 fiat currencies​

According to its website, operates in over 200 countries and handles around 50 different fiat currencies (traditional money like U.S. dollars). Whether you want to deposit Indian rupees, South African rand, U.S. dollars, or British pounds, has you covered.

Advanced trading features is a feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to the normal spot trading you'd expect on any crypto platform, certain users can also access leveraged and futures trading.

It also has an NFT trading platform and offers crypto interest-earning products. Some advanced features are not available in certain countries, including the U.S.​

2. Cons

Poor English was originally a Chinese exchange that moved its focus when China cracked down on the crypto industry. Parts of the site are still in Chinese, and some of the English does not appear to have been checked by a native speaker.

This undermines that platform and does not build user confidence. Crypto exchange terms and conditions are often difficult to read, but's 43-page user agreement takes the biscuit.

The English is better than on other parts of the site. But since one of the clauses says there's a $2 million fine for breaching the agreement, we'd like it to be typo free and easy to understand.

Not user friendly

The disadvantage of having a wealth of products is that the interface can become cluttered and unintuitive, especially for first-time users.'s website is at best busy and at worst downright confusing.

It does have a wizard function to guide new users through, but the tool lacks context. Plus, the website is glitchy -- it took us several attempts over several days to complete the registration process, and to know your customer verification took over six hours.

High deposit fees's trading fees are in line with many other crypto platforms. However, because it only uses third parties to process fiat payments, these fees can be steep. Unlike most exchanges, it isn't possible to deposit money for free by bank transfer.

No fiat withdrawals does not offer a way to withdraw fiat money. This means if investors want to withdraw their fiat funds, they'd have to move the crypto to another platform that does allow cash withdrawals.

III. What do users think about

Each user will have different experiences depending on time, needs, preferences, etc. can receive compliments for the benefits it brings, but there are also many negative comments about its system due to the incomplete details that we have mentioned above

Here are some comments from the users:

IV. Is A Scam? has many advantages, including multiple trading choices, and it acts as a doorway to various cryptocurrency markets. One of the key drawbacks of the exchange is that it does not hold the license for cryptocurrency trading.

However, over the years of its operation, it has proven to everybody that the platform does offer good conditions and cares about its clients, employing multi-level security, two-factor authentication and phishing prevention measures.

Unlike other exchanges, since its inception, has experienced many ups and downs. Previously, this exchange was attacked by hackers and lost 7000 BTC. This news sent shockwaves through the crypto wave and caused the exchange to almost collapse, disappearing completely.

Our questions arise, Is A Scam? Is really reputable and good enough for all users? We can't confirm yet. When assessing the credibility of an exchange, we must rely on many factors, including information about the development team, transaction costs, security system and the ability to store assets. The most important thing is each individual's experience. Hope that you will provide us with more information and comments right below!

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