Is Huobi Global A Scam? Let’s Find Out The Answer

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The Huobi exchange owns a huge number of users and is considered the largest virtual currency trading volume in the world. Is Huobi a scam or not? What are the true things about this trading platform? Let's read the information in the article. You will find your answer.


Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in China in 2013. Currently, Huobi is based in Singapore because this country has friendlier cryptocurrency regulations. Huobi Global is one of the top ten largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the world.

It provides users with one-stop services related to digital assets, including spot trading, margin, OTC trading, futures trading, swap, staking, prime pool, mortgage, etc.

According to

“The trust score of is extremely low. This is a strong indicator that the website may be a scam.

We rated using a computer program. The algorithm has scanned the website looking at the source code being used, terms and conditions, registry, location of the company and if the website has received many positive or negative reviews. Scamadviser uses all this information to create a trust score. Based on our analysis we gave this website a very low score. If a website receives a very low review from us, we really recommend you to double check if the site is not an online scam but really safe to use.” has also pointed out a lot of negative aspects about this exchange:

Negative highlights​

  1. The server of the site has several low reviewed other websites​
  2. Cryptocurrency services detected, these can be high risk​
  3. High risk financial services or content seems to be offered​
  4. Payment methods support anonymous transactions were found​
  5. The PTC jobs offered on this site may be high-risk​
  6. The website was reported as threat by DNSFilter​
  7. This website is not trusted by Trend Micro​
Houbi Global also receive some compliments

“The platform offers its clients simple and favorable conditions for cooperation. Users have the opportunity to work with a large number of currency pairs, which are divided into three markets - BTC, ETH and USDT.

The exchange is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. For inexperienced users, there is a manual with detailed instructions. Trading is done through a platform with a simple and intuitive interface. The trading terminal has a wide functionality that allows clients to work with charts and technical indicators. Verification is available on the platform, but it is not required. The whole process takes from several days to several weeks.”- Acording to has also written that: “There is also a referral program for users, which allows them to receive cashback from commissions. Thus, users can receive up to 30% from commissions. In order for customers to have constant access to the trading floor, a mobile version of the application was developed. Currently, both Android and iOS versions are available.

The application is a convenient option for users who are often on the road or do not have the opportunity to log in from a computer or laptop. Over the 6 years of the platform's operation, a large number of reviews from users have accumulated on the Internet.

Most of the comments from customers are positive, so the company has a good reputation on the market. However, there are also disadvantages in the form of complicated verification.”


The Huobi Global project gets a poor rating on the Trustpilot website. Below are some customers service reviews that we have collected from


Huobi currently has a large trading volume in the market, but in fact, there are still many sources reflecting on the floor's calculations, as well as messages about the exchange cheating users, causing confusion for the investor community.

Although it is a virtual currency exchange that is considered quite reputable in the market, it is inevitable that there will be errors in protecting the rights of users, besides there are still many fraud problems arising from P2P transactions. So when participating in the exchange, people also need to study carefully and consider many issues of the exchange before deciding to pour money into.

Now that you have reached almost the end of this review. Is Bitfinex A Scam? We can't confirm yet. The most important thing is each individual's experience.

If you were or are a client of Huobi Global, please leave your impressions about the company's work at the comment section down below.

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