Is Tokocrypto A Scam? All Information About Tokocrypto Project

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Tokocrypto is a decentralized platform which helps buying and selling cryptocurrency easier for everyone in the street. How does it work and is it scam or legit? Let's find out from the article below!

1. What is Tokocrypto?

Indonesia has the first time experience on joining cryptocurrency world by starting to establish Tokocrypto project on 2017. Currently, most investors in Indonesia prefer Tokocrypto because it is the leading regulated exchange in the country.

It means all activities of this platform are monitored by certain regulatory agencies. Furthermore, investors feel safe about the project because Tokocrypto guarantees all the safety measures needed to ensure safety from scammers and cybercriminals.

Even though Tokocrypto is regulated, it still gains a lot of public attention and is the most used crypto platform in Indonesia for both crypto transactions and investments.

The first benefit of Tokocrypto is consumer satisfaction as it provides a very easy and simple platform whereby everyone can do business with less stress and more confidence.

By its simplicity, the company aims to attract more users and allow people to benefit in short or long term from plenty of opportunities in the market.

Moreover, Tokocrypto has become the major hub for education and news concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain development in Indonesia.

Users need to be armed with certain knowledge and information in order to successfully trade and navigate within the crypto market. Besides, the provision of information is taken very seriously on the platform as it is considered an added advantage to the success of its users.

2. Tokocrypto trading services

Tokocrypto offers a variety of coins and tokens from which users can make multiple choices. In this way, the chances of success of investors in the market are increased as these tokens have different profitability levels.

Thus it helps users to diversify their resources and acquire crypto assets with real prospects. Most of the coins on this platform are achieved as a form of stability and with a more prospective future.

The native token of Tokocrypto called ‘Toko Token’ is Indonesia’s first-ever virtual currency. It offers users a more increased transaction process speed at a reduced cost so investors can trade faster and spend less.

3. How does Tokocrypto work?

Even though the project offers customers an easy and simple trading platform that users are fully involved and more interested in the conduct of transactions.

However, the trading services of Tokocrypto cannot be done without registering on the exchange. The registration involves the submission of certain personal details which will be features of the account created.

The project operates with privacy rules to ensure all private information stays within the company and is kept away from any third party. The account would be verified from one’s email after the submission of personal information.

To make sure that a buyer and seller relationship is established among the users of the platform to increase trust and credibility, users are required to make an initial deposit and complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer).

The KYC step also asks for providing personal information and an ID card for security reasons. The information provided should be trusted and valid as any case of falsification or misrepresentation would lead to disapproval of the KYC.

A selfie also needs to be done during the process to ascertain that they are humans and not robots. When KYC is approved, users are then able to use Tokocrypto trading services.

Moreover, the platform also offers certain market features such as market order, limit order, and stop-limit order, and these features help users to navigate successfully and make profitable transactions.

4. Tokocrypto deposit fees

Other than the features and services of an exchange, the most important factor which attracts traders is affordability. If a platform offers good services but charges unjustly, traders don’t like that kind of platform. Tokocrypto has not made this mistake because it was created to support traders not to exploit them.

The maker and taker fee at this platform is only 0.1% which encourages traders to invest more. When it comes to depositing fees, Tokocrypto has gone one step further as it charges no fee at all on deposits. Whether a trader deposits fiat currency or cryptocurrency, he would be charged absolutely nothing.

5. Tokocrypto interface

Almost every exchange pays most of its attention to the graphical interface because most of the traders base their decisions regarding trading platforms on this factor. Although the main focus of Tokocrypto is on security features it has not neglected its interface.

The interface of Tokocrypto is very friendly as it is simple and easy to use. The advantage of an intuitive interface is that beginners and newbies can also avail the services without facing any inconvenience. The interface provides well-sorted information and traders feel no problem at all while surfing the website.

6. Tokocrypto customer support

The relationship that exists between the platform and its users is one feature that makes it unique. Tokocrypto treats its customers and priorities and seeks to meet the needs and complaints of every individual.

To achieve this, they have handles on various social media platforms where they connect to their customers and receive feedback which ultimately contributes to the growth of the platform. By taking feedback from users, the exchange develops itself to meet the changing needs of its users and ensure that the time they spend on the platform is worthwhile.

In conclusion, Tokocrypto platform is operated properly to meet customers’ needs and provide the best trading experience. It provides highly guaranteed and safe trading services to satisfy customers and encourage them to trade and invest more. Since the platform operates in compliance with regulations made by regulatory bodies, it is safe to say that it would be here for a long time. Users are also assured that their money and digital assets cannot just vanish as it has been in some cases.

Therefore, we believe that Tokocrypto is sustainable, not a scam and its platform will provide for you many benefits if you choose to invest in. Feel free to leave your comment to discuss about the topic! Thank you!​

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