Is WOO Network A Scam?

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The WOO network is introduced as a deep liquidity network which provides decentralized exchanges that allow users trading cryptocurrency without going through a centralized entity.

The project has pride of itself as censorship-resistant, meaning that no one can block or restrict access to the network. Thus WOO network also has swiftly grown in popularity among content makers and social media enthusiasts.

The questions arise that “Should we trust this exchange?” and if “it is a scam or not?!!”. Let's find out details with us now.

Firstly, the exchange platform is scored very low on “" website, about 3.25 out of 10. The main reason WOO got the low score is its features are not advance for users and WOO customers support team working ineffective.

  • No fiat withdrawal (uro, US dollars and other currencies);​
  • It is not possible to contact customer support in real time;​
  • The exchange is registered in the Cayman Islands, and its activities are not monitored by financial regulators.​
However, these elements above cannot prove that WOO is a scam because there is nothing lacking about security or signs of scam. But it only has one comment on this review claiming WOO is a scam without showing any evidence of how he/she is cheated.

Furthermore, as we have found, the WOO network has never been hacked so it would be a trust sign about this exchange.

Secondly, the exchange platform is guaranteed 100% legit by ScamAdviser. The website provides analysis about WOO website that ensure the project is reliable.

Otherwise, WOO network noted that there are some scammers trying to fake their project in order to seperate users from investing in WOO. The WOO team mentioned some tips for client to recognize scammers and recommend users only trade through their official websites such as:
The scammers had created fake WOO token with the same name, thus they offer free WOO giveaways or airdrops but the real one confirmed they never do it before. “Common scams are to ask for WOO to be sent to an address and they'll send back double the amount. These don't work and you will get your WOO stolen. There are multiple variations, including fake podcasts and YouTube videos, Telegram communities, and mock websites, so be vigilant! WOO can only be acquired by buying WOO on exchanges or through staking/providing liquidity on several approved platforms” - WOO said.

That’s all we have collected to demonstrate WOO is scam or legit. It is quite strange that popular review websites do not have any topic to discuss about the project. Therefore we still can’t confirm if WOO is a scam or not. We are looking forward to you providing us more information about it! Leave the comment below then we can start our discussion.

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