JustLend User Guide from A to Z (2022)

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Instructions for using JustLend, a Lending platform on the Tron ecosystem with features such as: token supply, borrowing, repayment and voting.

Overview of JustLend​

JustLend is the first lending platform in the Tron ecosystem , with the goal of setting up pools according to the supply and demand algorithm based on assets such as TRX , TRC20. The product allows users to provide TRX, TRC20 tokens to receive interest for each asset class and borrow more tokens to use for other purposes.

JustLend's homepage: justlend.org

Highlights of JustLend​

User-friendly interface: JustLend's interface is user-friendly even for beginners. In the Market section, the product provides a full index of tokens that have been integrated on JustLend, making it easier for users to make investment decisions.

Risk Meter: JustLend displays the level of risk in borrowing your property through the gauge right on the homepage.

Liquidity Mining Mode: Provides information and allows users to provide liquidity to receive JST rewards from different pools.

Allow users to vote: JustLend allows users to vote on product recommendations. The product has a separate section where anyone can learn and participate in voting.

What to prepare before using JustLend​

Download and install TronLink​

To be able to experience JustLend, we need to have a TronLink wallet. Users can access the homepage of TronLink here and choose to download the wallet corresponding to the appropriate operating system.

Import Tron wallet (TRC20) to TronLink​

For users who already have a Tron wallet on Coin98 and want to import it into the TronLink wallet, they can follow these instructions:

Step 1: In the main interface of Coin98 Extension Wallet, select the Multi-tasking icon.

Step 2:
Select the corresponding Tron (TRC20) wallet and click Show Key Info. Users copy 12 keywords of Passphrase (Secret Phrase) or Private Key to prepare to import.

Step 3: Open TronLink wallet and select Import Wallet . The user then checks the terms and selects I agree, no more reminders.

Step 4: Paste Passphrase or Private KeyNext . The system will ask the user to set a password with 8 characters or more . It should contain at least 1 capital letter and 1 number . After entering the password, confirm it again and select Import Private Key.

Prepare token as gas fee​

Since JustLend belongs to the Tron ecosystem, you need to prepare a gas fee of TRX to be able to interact with the product features.

Users can buy TRX on centralized exchanges such as Binance, Gate, etc. to transfer to their respective wallets. Note that you must switch to the correct network of Tron (TRC20) to avoid any loss of assets.

JustLend User Manual​

Connect wallet with JustLend​

Step 1: At JustLend's homepage, select Connect Wallet → TronLink Wallet icon.

Step 2:
Confirm the connection on the TronLink wallet by clicking Connect.

Supply tokens on JustLend​

When users provide tokens on JustLend, their assets will be compounded with the total supply of the product. Therefore, users who are not tied to any loan can withdraw their assets easily. The maximum loan value is equal to the total collateral * collateral factor.

The property you provide will be displayed in the marketplace as a jToken. Users can use jToken collateral to be able to borrow tokens on JustLend. In addition, as long as users still hold jToken, they will still receive the reward of JST from JustLend.

Step 1: Select the asset you want to provide and click Supply.

Step 2: Enter the quantity you want to supply and select Supply. If this is the first token being traded on the wallet, the system will ask you to confirm, click Sign to Approve.

The system will confirm the transaction request with a fee of about 30 TRX, select Sign if you agree.

The amount of tokens you provide will be displayed in the My Supply section on JustLend's homepage.

Borrow tokens on JustLend​

To be able to borrow tokens, users need to open Collateral mode for jToken received after providing assets through the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the My Supply section on JustLend's homepage. Then you select the collateral and switch to collateral mode by clicking Use token as collateral.

The system will ask to confirm the transaction with a certain amount of fee, select Sign if you agree.

Step 2: Select the token you want to borrow and click Borrow.

Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens you want to borrow and click Borrow.

The system will ask to confirm the transaction with a certain amount of fee, select Sign if you agree.


  • The user's assets will be borrowed when the total collateral * the collateral factor is greater than the total borrowed assets and accrued interest.
  • After borrowing, the homepage will display a risk measure based on the total borrowed assets compared to the total provided assets.
  • Users need to limit loans above the 80% threshold (red level) on the meter to limit asset liquidation.
  • When the user's loan value exceeds the collateralized factor, liquidation will be automatically triggered on JustLend to eliminate the risk of the borrower's repayment.

Pay tokens on JustLend​

Returning borrowed tokens will make it easier for users to withdraw tokens from JustLend.

Step 1: Scroll to My Borrow → click on the property you want to return . Select Repay.

Step 2: Enter the amount of tokens you want to return and select Repay

The system will ask to confirm the transaction with a certain amount of fee, select Sign if you agree.

Withdraw tokens on JustLend​

To fully withdraw tokens from JustLend, users need to repay all borrowed assets. If only partial repayment is made, the amount of tokens allowed to be withdrawn will be limited so as not to exceed the value according to the loan formula.

Step 1: Scroll to My Supply → click on the asset you want to withdraw. Then select Withdraw.

Step 2: Enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw and select Withdraw. Users can press SAFE MAX to get the maximum amount of tokens that can be withdrawn.

Admin Vote on JustLend​

JustLend's community has the right to participate in the management of the platform through voting on proposals. Anyone with over 200 million votes will have the right to propose on JustLend. If more than 600 million votes are received and a majority of votes are received, the proposal will be approved and take effect 2 days after being notified.

The ratio between JST tokens and votes is 1:1 . Users can easily convert JST to vouchers by selecting Get Votes and vice versa with the Withdraw JST button.


Hope the above article has explained & helped you guys make more money through JustLend of the Tron ecosystem. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate and comment below, Coin98 will always be ready to support you!

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