Persistence launches Liquid Staking, the momentum of the Cosmos system in 2022

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The Cosmos ecosystem is growing rapidly, as important areas begin to emerge. Cosmos Panorama is a weekly series that will keep you updated on the Cosmos ecosystem and provide useful insights to find investment opportunities.

Important Update on Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Theta announced the upgrade on the Testnet network​
  • Akash Network has more Intensified Testnet 3.​
  • BitSong: Building a Blockchain platform ecosystem for music puzzle pieces.​
  • Persistence brings Liquid Staking feature.​

Analysis of the Cosmos ecosystem last week

Theta announced the upgrade on the public testnet

According to the Cosmos Hub 2.0 roadmap, the Theta upgrade is expected to take place in Q1 2022. As expected, Theta announced the upgrade on the testnet in early April 2022.

In addition, the launch of Cosmos SDK v0.4.5, the application of the new Interchain Account Module model, the upgrade of Gravity DEX, IBC v3.0.0 and many other technological improvements also contribute to making Theta upgrade easier.

This public testnet will support validators to check and follow the upgrade process to the v7-Theta network. At the same time, the successful testing of the testnet will help the project operate the mainnet process more smoothly.​

Akash Network has more Intensified Testnet 3

Akash Network is a secure, transparent and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that connects those who need computing resources (clients) with those who need computing power to rent (providers). The fundamental design goal of Akash Network is to make it possible for anyone to join as a provider without barriers. At the same time, Akash still ensures to provide reliable resources to the client (client).

Incentivized Testnet 3 is designed for testing in 2 weeks to support developers, crypto addicts also have an environment to test products. In addition, the platform supports the deployment of project validators and nodes, operates a large workload, and extends dApps to the community. Most importantly, the project can get real feedback from users, thereby fixing it on the mainnet.

Some features that Akash brings:​
  • Persistent Storage: Allows data to always be maintained to serve users.​
  • Fractional uAKT: Minimize network deployment costs to a minimum.​
  • Authorized Spend: Helps users authorize the wallet (wallet) to use a certain amount of tokens (rated) with the source wallet. This expenditure can only be used in activities where Akash is present. The received tokens are also limited to the number of tokens present on the network.​
  • Inflation Decay Curve: The inflation curve is passed by voting rights from the community. This model aims to adjust the inflation rate to the right rate for the network operating stable and without liquidity problems.​

Akash launches testnet

BitSong: Building a Blockchain Platform ecosystem for music

Currently, the market is trending towards monetization trends from actual user actions such as Move-to-Earn , Write-to-Earn,... along with some life puzzle pieces that are gradually being applied more widely in Blockchain, the same as music.

Taking advantage of trends in the coming time along with careful preparation to start entering the market, BitSong is expected to be the first protocol to make this puzzle piece explode on the Cosmos ecosystem.​

Bitsong Launches Blockchain for Music Pieces

Persistence Launches Liquid Staking

Persistence is a Blockchain inside the Cosmos ecosystem. Persistence's goal is to create an ecosystem including financial products for both retail investors and large financial institutions. Persistence aspires to be the bridge between decentralized finance and the traditional economy, while helping to develop DeFi applications in NFTs.

Persistence is updating more use cases of XPRT token to reach more users. The launch of Liquid Staking and the deployment of the XPRT/UST pool on the Osmosis DEX with an APR of up to 250% is increasing the liquidity of the network quickly and bringing certain effects.​

Besides, the Persistence chain has passed IBC, which means the benefits for XPRT Token and stkASSETs will be greatly increased (network expansion, large network liquidity, large users,...). XPRT and PSTAKE are expected to be the tokens that "recharge" the Persistence ecosystem.​
Some notable milestones of Persistence:


What do you think of this week's update of Cosmos? Please comment below to discuss with us!​

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