The Rock Trading Review 2022: Is It Scam Or Legit?

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The Rock Trading is one of the many companies that currently offer access into the world of cryptocurrencies. Could this company also be a scam in the crypto market? Let's find out the answer in this review.

The Rock Trading exchange was initially founded in 2007 to serve as a digital insurance company but later re-strategize and changed direction in 2011 to become one of the first crypto exchange platforms in the crypto industry. Below are some objects that we can use to measure how legit the project is.

Is The Rock Trading regulated?​

In July, 2013 it was registered in Malta as a certified Limited Liability Company. As you should know that this registration does not mean that the exchange falls under any specific financial regulation.

Has Rock Trading never been hacked?​

Surprisingly, speaking of security and investor protection, we also have to point out that there haven’t been any reports on hacks at The Rock Trading. It could be a solid profile of the exchange.

The Rock Trading complaint​

A user on Bitcointalk forum has posted a thread to accuse The Rock Trading is a fraud or a scam. He wrote all of the order books of The Rock Trading exchange are completely fake, created by their own bot, to mislead their customers.

They then manipulate the order book to crash their own exchange and force their panicking customers to sell their bitcoins on the low buy orders created by their own bot for lack of alternatives. Sometimes, they manage to buy their customers crypto at about half of the international price. This is a complete scam!. This picture also reveals the scam:

They also used these fake order books and volume to sell 10% of their scamming exchange on a crowdfunding for 1.5 millions.

Furthermore, user reviews on this exchange are a mixed bag, which is more frequently the case with any trading venue. Some of the complaints we came across were in regard to the slow validation process, and not too good customer support service.

Do you think The Rock Trading is a scam as a user on Bitcointalk forum has been accused? Don't hesitate to provide us further information about the project and also your thoughts in the comment box below!

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