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Terran Coin (TRR) is the governance as well as utility token of the Terran Coin ecosystem and is primarily used for gas fees and minting fees. Terran Coin (TRR) uses both the ERC-20 and BEP-20 token standards with a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000.

TRR is intended to be used worldwide as a payment cryptocurrency. TRR is designed to support transactions that occur between customer-to-customer (C2C), business-to-customer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) interactions. Terran has several features that help users conduct fast peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions for online shopping. Users can use TRR to shop and make smooth transactions.


Andrey Y.Tsygankov

As an expert in business prospect research, Andrey manages Terran’s overall operations to create disruptive and innovative solutions driving the team toward success. With an insatiable passion for advancing businesses, Andrey has proven himself to be an accomplished and exceptional leader.

Sergei Kuratov
CTO & Blockchain Development

With more than 20 years of IT experience in project management and e-commerce, Kuratov efficiently works to develop the best blockchain solutions for Terran. As an experienced and visionary leader, Kuratov brings his expertise to motivate his team for the highest level of performance.

Abhishek Majumdar
CMO & Blockchain Advisory

An expert in consulting, Majumdar focuses on innovation for long-term success and is responsible for creating and accelerating Terran’s marketing strategy. A passionate advocate for sustainability, Majumdar brings a future-centered and far-sighted approach to his strategies and leadership.

Is TRR safe?​

Terran is a blockchain-based solution that benefits the global community, including developers, merchants, and traders. Terran uses blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of sending, receiving, and transacting cryptocurrencies.

Some blockchain companies have worked to address the inconsistencies found in the cryptocurrency industry. However, little progress has been made, and Terran is looking for a solution to the cryptocurrency industry's problem.

While blockchain technology has several advantages, there are also some challenges that the industry must overcome. The challenges range from low scalability to lack of regulation and a limited number of skilled workers.

Terran Coin has a poor community rating, small communities can be easily manipulated and bullied (banned from telegram, deleted from discord etc) into towing the project line. If a project is new and doesn't

have a big active community then in general as the project grows the community activity indicator will increase. Terran Coin is not known by the general community. If a project is new and has not had a lot of marketing or exposure, then in general as the project grows the awareness indicators will increase.

No one knows for sure what will come, the only thing that’s for sure is that you are likely to lose money if you don’t put in the time to do your own research. And even then, you could still lose big. Please, do it in a responsible manner. Don't invest a lot of money in TRR and always go for low-cost positions. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation, both financially and emotionally.

Do you think that TRR could be a scam? Leave your impressions about TRR at the comment section down below.

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