What is Adshares ADS? Is It Scam Coin?

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Have you ever heard about Adshares before? Some people call it is The Best Ecosystem for Decentralized Advertising. Is it true or is a scam project which will disappear in a rug pull in the next few months? Let's find out now.

What is Adshares ADS?​

Adshares ($ADS) is a decentralized network working since 2017. It offers the possibility to directly connect Publishers and Advertisers using blockchain protocol and allows them to sign advertising contracts without intermediaries.

Adshares was the first company to provide a complete and perfect blockchain marketplace for decentralized online advertisements. It is also one of the most advanced advertising market projects that are based on blockchain. It allows the publishers and the advertisers to form direct contracts by utilizing its blockchain network. It offers multiple types of advertisements that include affiliate advertising, Campaigns that are CPA & CPM based, and pop-under ads.

To sum up, Adshares is a fully decentralized ads marketplace and RTB successor. It’s a Web3 protocol for programmable advertisement with over 200 Million impressions per month (and growing), with 500+ publishers.

Adshares Adserver platforms allow users to rent space inside Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions and websites.

What is ADS?​

ADS is the standard token for the Adshares Network based on ERC20 token specification. Ads tokens are used for all advertising payments within the Network. Token holders receive a portion of the fees generated from processing transactions. Token holders can choose to keep their tokens in an ADS wallet account. The ADS Blockchain can process up to 1.4 million transactions per second, making the Network significantly faster than other blockchains.

Is Adshares ADS scam or legit?​

To figure out if a coin is scam or not, there are some key factors about the project that will tell how reliable it is, such as:

1. The developers team​

Adshares was created by a team of passionate programmers, entrepreneurs and decentralization enthusiasts. They are a group of obsessive programmers, decentralization geeks, and entrepreneurs that have a firm belief in their vision that they can transform the future of digital advertisement. They hold themselves responsible for opening an ecosystem that is capable of curing the programmatic advertising market and they are fond of what they strive for as a team of capable individuals.

Dr Leszek Rychlewski - CO-FOUNDER

Leszek is a successful entrepreneur and scientist. He was interested in blockchain and how to harness its potential. He is the creator of the ESC Blockchain, which is the Adshares foundation.


Jacek has been interested in distributed ledger since 2011. He saw a huge blockchain potential and wanted to create his own. His ambition was to develop a ledger much safer and more efficient than others.

2. The disadvantages of Adshares ADS​

We also need to look at some cons of Adshares to execute if it reliable or not

  • It’s still rather speculative, as AdShares didn’t launch their product yet.
  • Although AdShares may succeed in ranking first among this kind of cryptocurrency, whereas their mobile phone client will still have a big competition in Google’s AdMob, which is both solid and popular.
  • There is still much ambiguity as to how funds that exceed the $1 million softcap will be used.
  • The team is formed of just 3 people and a software development company. There aren’t advisors onboard yet.
Here is the end of the review. After reading things above do you think Adshares is scam or legit? Let us know by leaving words in the comment box below.

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