What is Zapper? All information about Zapper Cryptocurrency

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Zapper - a projected platform that offers many retroactive opportunities for users. So what does Zapper stand out? Find out more about the project through the following article.

What is Zapper?

Zapper is a DeFi Aggregation Layer platform, supporting user interaction, NFT asset/portfolio management and many features like Swap, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming and Saving.​

Website Zapper: https://zapper.fi/

Highlights of Zapper

Zapper makes it easier for users to interact with crypto projects through features including:

Zapper API

The Zapper API is a contract position fetcher that generates data related to DeFi , Liquidity Providers and prices across various AMMs. The API feature also supports bridging the gap between networks, groups of contracts for yield farming like SushiSwap, Alchemix.

The number of applications at the APIs provided by the Zapper developer is increasing, the platforms come from many ecosystems: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Celo, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Harmony One, Moonriver, Optimism, Polygon, Cronos, Aurora, Evmos.​

DeFi Platforms Supported by Zapper

The Zapper API Transaction endpoint makes it easy for builders to interact directly with a wide range of DeFi applications. Get an easy to consume transaction for approving, adding, removing, and rebalancing liquidity through any of our zap contract.​

Zap Contract's mechanism of action

Smart Contracts

Listing smart contracts on Zapper is transparent, easily retrievable and not interfered with by any third party. The contracts are being deployed mainly on 4 main networks including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche.

Smart contracts are used by Zapper.fi and other DeFi projects, some contracts people can refer to such as Uniswap V2, Balancer, Sushiswap, PancakeSwap, TraderJoe...


The Zap feature makes it easy for users to create liquidity into DeFi complex protocols, so that liquidity issues are handled smoothly on Zapper.

In the DeFi ecosystem, Zapper acts as an intermediary, where new dApps can integrate and apply. The integrated protocols can implement many types of application tokens, including 3 main groups:
  • Base token: DeFi tokens like AAVE, CRV (Curve), or stablecoins like USDC are often highly liquid.​
  • App token: Token pool represents an application such as LP token in liquidity pools, token in staking pool (eg xSUSHI). This group of tokens is usually less liquid than the base token and represents a user's position in the platform.​
  • Non-tokenized position: Positions are not tokenized when the user gives up ownership of the base & app token.​
An individual/organization can join Zapper to create applications easily, read details at github Zapper.

Benefits of holding Zapper Token

Zapper has not released any information about the platform's tokens.

Project team, investors, partners

Project team

Zapper does not publish the project team to ensure the privacy of its members.

Investors & Partners

Since May 2020, Zapper has raised more than $11 billion from various investment funds including Coinbase, Sound Ventures, Cooley, YBB Foundation, ParaFi Capital, The LAO, Nascent Digital, CoinFund, Distributed Global, Libertus Capital, The Spartan Group and many investors like Kain Warwick.

Roadmaps & Updates

Zapper has completed many projects such as upgrading the mobile version, supporting protocols to add features and Zapper is still in the final stage adding many new goals such as:​
  • Liquidity - NFT.​
  • Rarity integration.​
  • Manual NFT price customization.​
  • Mode back to home page.​
  • Deploy on Android App.​
  • Show farm on multiple networks.​
  • Implement charts to help investors review important price milestones.​

Token Zapper . Information

Zapper used to organize the NFT season event, users log in daily and do tasks on the platform to receive Xp points, when enough Xp can be exchanged for NFT.

Although Zapper has not yet announced the launch of the token, nor announced the value of NFT, this is a potential platform worth experiencing. Therefore, people can fully expect retroactive or NFT to have additional benefits in the future.

Information channels of Zapper Token

Above is the latest information about Zapper, the project is still in the process of completing the puzzle pieces, we will update the article to everyone as soon as possible.​

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